Globe Theatre Trip

Globe Theatre Trip

The whole of Year 7 recently went to the Globe Theatre to have a tour and watch Twelfth Night as part of our English and Drama education.

After leaving school and getting the train to London, we eventually arrived at the theatre. Firstly, we toured the beautiful reconstructed Globe building and learnt new facts about the modern attraction. Did you know – an American arranged to rebuild the theatre after finding nothing at the site of the former Globe?

Continuing our day, after lunch we watched Twelfth Night, written by the magnificent Shakespeare. it was more modern than we expected – especially when the actors all did the ‘Whip Nae Nae’! Our favourite part was when there was confusion between the twins resulting in much confusion and comedy.

Being a member of the audience allowed us to experience what it was like in Shakespearian times. The atmosphere was lively, even when the actors were in a serious mood. When I first saw how the stage was set up, I thought how was a cargo box going to be anything? I was surprised because the actors made it vivid to us – when the show started, it was supposed to be a ship, then it became a jail and an entrance for different scenes. It helped us understand the importance of imaginative expression.

“I loved every single bit of the show”

Martha Crawley

“I would give Twelfth night 5/5”

Rosie Jones

“Overall, we would definitely recommend Twelfth Night to an adult. We would go again, but preferably in the summer when it’s warmer and maybe to watch Romeo and Juliet (everyone’s favourite).”

Ella, Lauren and Chloe 7E