Meet Our Post 16 Student Leaders

Meet Our Post 16 Student Leaders


Eltham Hill recently had it elections to determine its Post-16 Student Leaders. Below is what those who were appointed had to say:

As a recently elected President of the Sixth Form, I am delighted to observe that within our Presidential Cabinet at Eltham Hill Post 16, we have equal representation for all students. Myself and Donnell Asare, as joint presidents, have undertaken A Levels and the iB Diploma respectively. Our Vice President, Gerraud Burton, takes a BTEC subject. As a true believer in democracy, I believe that it is a principle completely resting upon the very echelons of representation; a system in which all are equally considered. I truly believe that we are on the brink of something extremely special within our sixth form. We can make Eltham Hill a place where a good life is in reach for anyone who is willing to dedicate time for their work and do the right thing. We look forward to working closely with the larger school community to inspire future cohorts of students to select Eltham Hill as the institution to support their highly ambitious futures. I am honoured to be working alongside Gerraud and Donnell and endeavour to put all my efforts to work to ensure that all we promise is fulfilled.

Banu Hammad


It is truly an honour to be able to lead and work with individuals that are as enthusiastic and goal orientated as I am in making positive changes within the sixth form that will benefit our current sixth formers and future students. Our positions are definitely not just titles to us. They are symbols that represent who we are as individuals wanting to make a difference and make sixth form memorably awesome. As a President, I will lead the school council alongside my fellow president Banu to ensure that the voices of the sixth form student body are heard. I will share ideas with our Heads of Post 16 and amongst the school’s leadership team. I plan to make more clubs accessible to the sixth form as well as organising fundraising events to benefit our community.

Donnell Asare


As Vice President, I know that I have responsibility to listen and act on suggestions from my current fellow students and to benefit other students years down the line. For this to happen I will create potential solutions to issues that arise from across the Eltham Hill School campus. Therefore, I encourage students around the Post 16 to come to Donnell, Banu and myself with any relevant ideas or issues for us to consider. Of course we can’t possibly do everything in the world but we will try to achieve as much as we set ourselves to do.

Gerraud Burton