Famous Five Return to Eltham Hill

Famous Five Return to Eltham Hill

A group of friends returned to Eltham Hill to visit their plaque on our centenary wall. Dubbed the famous five (although only four were able to attend) the ladies have all stayed in touch with each other throughout the years but this was their first visit back to Eltham Hill since the centenary celebration.

After viewing the wall they went on a tour of the school and were able to reminisce on their times spent in the drama hall (now the lecture theatre) and see all the  changes and new facilities.

They even managed to spot themselves in some of the old school photos. Jill, whose mother was also an alumni of the school, said, “We especially loved the old hall with the window, and also the archive wall – it was amazing to see our old school photos and also my mum’s!”

Jill and Bindoo - 1st Year Jill and Bindoo Now Mum and Shirley


Pictured: Jill and Bindoo in their first year, Jill and Binddo now, and Jill’s mum during her Eltham Hill days!