Spanish Exchange

Spanish Exchange

Unforgettable is the perfect word for my experience in Spain. I will admit at first I was quite nervous since I had never been in a different country without my family but that changed as soon as I met my Spanish buddy. They welcomed us with a big sign saying ‘Welcome to Albacete’ and that’s when I knew everything would be fine. This exchange trip gave me the opportunity to do and see things I have never seen before. I gained a second family, new friends and became a part of the Spanish culture. This trip has made me more confident and made me feel independent. I have many unforgettable memories and know I have friends in another country that I can count on.

Albacete is a small city in Spain and we had the chance to visit museums, see how the students were educated, go to the beach, bowling, park and visit many more places. I became a local in another country and managed to try different foods. I learnt so many different things about their culture and lifestyle. Albacete is very small and everyone knows each other, I remember every time we walked somewhere the Spanish students would always say hello to someone! I felt comfortable and like I was at home.

The Spanish students made sure to include everyone and if they did see us in a bad mood or if we missed our families they would comfort us and try and make us laugh. Staying with another family is not as scary as you would think, you get to meet their siblings and parents and be a part of the family. They made sure that I was not cold and always asked if I was okay. I grew close with my buddy’s younger sister too, since we all shared a room and would stay up watching movies or talking.

I know for sure that I will go back to Albacete and when I do, I will be welcomed with open arms and kisses on the cheeks, as they always did when greeting someone. My Spanish has improved massively and I am much more confident with my speaking, even if I don’t pronounce a word right! I gained more than I could’ve asked for and I do not regret anything and never will because as I said this experience was unforgettable.

Juliana (10E)



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