Eltham Hill Cook-Off

Eltham Hill Cook-Off

Eltham Hill held its first interform cook-off. Students had an hour to cook a dish of their choice and then present it to a panel of judges in order to be named Eltham Hill’s best chef.

Despite the pouring rain outside, everyone was eager to start cooking. There was a range of dishes from; caesar salad to a chocolate fondant to jollof rice – the judges were very impressed!

Well done to everyone who participated for your commitment and amazing cooking skills. The judges’ awarded points for taste, appearance, texture and complexity. The winners were selected by year group:

  • 7H – Eugenia Dukes Ross
  • 8M – Marinela Natsi
  • 9M – Islim Utkun.

Out of these, Eugenia Dukes Ross (7H) won overall and will represent Eltham Hill in the Future Chef competition.

It was very interesting and it took a lot of hard work organising the cook-off. However, it all paid off getting to see the contestants put in effort and resilience to create amazing, delicious and beautiful dishes. The cook-off raised over £40 and hundreds of Sainsbury’s vouchers that will go towards the creation of a garden patch.

I would like to thank Mr Reeves, Ms Sully and Ms Mullins for their help and support as well as the year 9 council and judges as I couldn’t have organised the event without the help of you all.

Claramae 9E