Greenwich Maths Time Festival

Greenwich Maths Time Festival

On the 6 May, eight Y11 students visited Greenwich University to participate in a grade 7-9 Maths Challenge Day, organised by the Further Maths Support Programme. Here are some of the views from the students who attended.

I attended a stimulating day of Maths Workshops at the University of Greenwich. While there, we were amazed by the number of students who opt to take Maths and Further Maths at A-Level, but also by the unexpected variety of subjects that require more maths than you might think, including geography and PE. After an interesting talk on where A-Level Maths can be found in the real world, and how it can open doors and lead to fascinating career opportunities, we began our 4 workshops. We deepened and reinforced our previous knowledge on tricky topics such as algebra and the Sine/Cosine rule, went over how to solve equations by Completing the Square and even learned what an ‘ambiguous angle’ is! My favourite workshop was ‘Problem Solving’, where we tackled questions for which a fixed method could not be used- we needed to use a mix of mathematical knowledge and apply it to the question in a methodical and logical way. Overall I found the day very inspiring and extremely helpful in the run up to the GCSEs. 

Fizah Munwar

Going to the FMSP workshops really gave me an insight into how important maths is. I found the workshops very useful as some of the most challenging aspects of the maths curriculum were gone through, with tips on exam technique and time management. The experience was very enjoyable and worthwhile as it gave the opportunity to learn a lot, and was inspiring to perhaps continue studying maths after GCSE.

Aleezay Malik

The workshop was a wonderful, harmonious fusion of challenge, difficulty and fun. It provided me with the opportunity to delve into and dissect the complex world of mathematics, especially in the lecture presented at the start of the day where I could see how maths feeds into almost every career pathway. The lessons, while short, supplied me with an alternative approach to difficult problems and how I can go about solving them. Overall, the workshop successfully boosted my confidence in tackling maths and re-ignited the passion and craving for the subject in preparation for A- levels.

Prashamsa Gharti