Ardèche Trip 2017

Ardèche Trip 2017

The trip started with a 17-hour coach and ferry journey from school to the PGL site- Lou Valagran. We travelled throughout the night and arrived in the afternoon for an evening activity in the river. This activity consisted of a quick jog from our site down to the river and then a sprint into the freezing, cold, fish-habituated water.

The next day was our first day of canoeing and we learnt the basics of rowing. We also learnt the basics of capsizing in the water. We then set off into the water and had a river lunch. Our canoeing group were called the Penguins, which, of course, were the best. We also went rock jumping off cliffs into the river.

On Tuesday, we canoed under the famous Point D’arc and through many other rapids. Wednesday was similar with canoeing, capsizing and story telling. Our canoeing PGL instructor declared us top pod due to our fantastic rowing skills. We couldn’t have got through it without him and our Penguin Empress- Ms Zionts!

Every evening, we did activities such as a scavenger hunt in a local town, which put a fantastic end to our day. They were led by our school’s PGL instructor Hannah, who was very kind and looked after us.

On Thursday, we went shopping in Avignon and bought tons of ice cream. We went into many different kinds of shops and bought nice souvenirs.

On Friday, we did Jacob’s Ladder, which in fact was extremely terrifying. That same day, we did archery and a five-mile trek, which included a 5-minute wade through a river and a long trudge. We went home on the coach, tired after our week of activities.

We found the trip was very fun and canoeing on the Ardèche River was an amazing experience and would like to thank all of the teachers who made the trip possible.

Rebecca, Siham and Anouk (year 9)

All photos from the trip can be found here