UCL Target Medicine Summer School

UCL Target Medicine Summer School

Rutvi Patel in Year 11 beat 175 students to gain a place on to the highly competitive UCL Target Medicine Summer School. The summer school ran for one week and she decided to write a short journal to describe her week:

Day 1 – 03/07/17

When we arrived at the UCL Campus, we had an introduction to the course and were then separated into groups where we met our supervising ambassadors. In groups, we started off with team building exercises; marshmallow tower and two truths and a lie. It was an amazing start to the summer school and everyone in my group was so friendly and funny. After that, each team met a patient with a chronic illness. My team had a patient suffering from diabetes and this was what my group’s grand round presentations would be based on.

Day 2 – 04/07/17

We went into the clinical rooms in which we started off with basic life support sessions and then performed role plays based on real life hospital scenarios. I also learnt so much about the hierarchy in a hospital and we met a doctor who assigned us roles to treat a patient in a simulation. This simulation included a robot which blinked and breathed! (Amazing!!) Later on, we had a round robin, we talked to all the ambassadors and got tips on finance at university as well as how they found it as they were in different years. To end day two, we had a trip to the new pathology museum in UCL.

Day 3 – 05/07/17

We were at the Bloomsbury campus, which was gigantic! We met different doctors and were able to ask them questions as well as go through the stages of a 6 year integrated medicine course. We also toured the beautiful campus and explored the different buildings. We ended the day with a taster lecture from Dr Katherine Woolf.

Day 4 – 06/07/17 

We looked at different professions and completed a quiz about the NHS in which I learnt so much! We were all asked to take part in a practise medical interview session which gave an exceptional insight of what it is like when applying to University. We ended the day by preparing for our final presentations.

Day 5 – 07/07/17

On the final day we presented our grand round presentations and listened to a really interesting talk by a highly experienced doctor at our graduation ceremony. I learnt about so many new aspects of medicine which has made me love it so much more – I now have an even greater enthusiasm for the profession. Attending the UCL Summer school has made me see how different university life is compared to secondary school. I am more aware about the content of learning in a medical degree and I am so glad to have been given this opportunity  – Thank you to Mrs Asiwe and Ms Smith