Trip to Margate

Trip to Margate

On the 7th July, 137 Year 9s went to Margate. Everyone was very excited on the coaches and we finally arrived at Dreamland around 10.30am where we all rushed in to get on our favourite ride.  Dreamland is a vintage theme park and it seemed like we had the whole of it to ourselves as it is quite small and recently reopened.

After a couple of hours, we went roller skating and had such fun we didn’t want to leave. We headed to the beach in the sunshine and after laying our towels out and having some lunch most of us went into the sea. It was quite cold but we got used to it and it was lovely swimming and jumping in and out of the water, having fun with so many of our friends. One girl bought a ball and a Frisbee so lots of us joined in playing with them.

A small group of girls went to the Turner Art Gallery with Mary instead of the beach and they said that was interesting and worth a visit.

It was so much fun but then sadly it was time to go. When we got back on the coaches we realised how tired we were.   

Thank you to Ms Mullins and Mrs Taylor who organised the trip, it was fantastic.

Emily 9H