My Day at Wembley Rock Assembly

My Day at Wembley Rock Assembly

The day started with a busy train ride but it was worth it. We were all excited to get to Wembley – we couldn’t wait. Once we got to our destination there were so many people I could hardly see anything because of how short I am.

Before we went to enjoy our rock assembly there was a worksheet to fill out. It contained a list of questions and everyone wanted to answer them to win the prizes. Whilst waiting there was tones of freebies – I even got a massive lollypop which made me extremely happy. After a long time looking at the different workshops we were finally ready to go inside Wembley arena. The queue was extremely long but it was fun to wait because we were all so amazed at the arena and how beautiful it looked. Once we got our tickets and went inside we were all buzzing with excitement and could not wait for the concert to start.

Whilst we were sitting in our seats our teacher asked us if everything was okay but we had a problem that we couldn’t see the stage properly so we asked if we could move. Ms Asiwe said to us she will see what she can do. We were all hoping we could move seats and once Ms Asiwe got back she managed to change the seats so we were sitting on the side – right at the front! We were all so happy and I couldn’t stop thanking Ms Asiwe!

Then the lights started to flash and we all settled down because it was about to start. In a split second two guys came on stage and started to talk about the rock concerts and who will be performing. Once they walked off the singers/rappers started to perform we had IQ, The Vamps, Pink Angels and many more. The day soon came to an end and we had to leave. We were all sad it had to end but it was time to go home.

As we left the arena we were so tired and all our voices were so croaky from us all screaming and our bodies were all aching from all the dance moves we did. When we got on the train we all rushed to a seat and that felt so good and comfortable.

Overall I had an amazing day and I will never forget it. I would like to thank my teachers for bringing me here especially Ms Asiwe as I wouldn’t be able to have this experience without you.

Helin Yakut 9M