News and Updates From the German Department

News and Updates From the German Department

German exchange 2017

From the 7th-14th June, 18 students from our partner school in Germany, came to EHS on an exchange programme, along with Petra Igelmund and Anne Hermes, two of their English teachers.
The German guests spent some time in lessons and also took the opportunity to go sightseeing in London. We had two fantastic days out together, giving our girls the opportunity to mix with the German students and get to know them better. We had a trip to the Tower of London and a trip to Hampton Court, both days very enjoyable for all involved.

15 EHS students from current years 7, 8 and 8 will be travelling to Germany in September for the return part of the exchange. The students are looking forward to having the opportunity to practise their German in an authentic environment and familiarise themselves with daily life in a small village in the Rhineland Palatinate area.

Ms McDermott

KS3 trip to Germany 3-7 July 2017

On the 3rd July, we all had to get up much earlier than normal and be at the school by 5.30am. We all got on the coach and everybody said they were going to sleep but we were too excited! It was a 12 hour trip with two stops and we finally arrived at Hotel Scholz in Koblenz at around 6 pm local time. We unpacked and had dinner.

The next day, we were up and ready early and went to a lovely little town called Boppard, where we had a boat trip down the river Rhine. Afterwards, we walked up the hill and hopped onto the cable cars. It was great fun and I played music whilst on the cable car. Later that day, we went on a tour of an ancient Castle called Marksburg. That evening, we had a quiz and the winning group won some chocolate. On Wednesday, we went to Cologne. When we got off the coach, we saw the Cathedral with two spires. We visited the zoo and got to see some really cool animals.
After that, we went to the Lindor Chocolate Museum. It was amazing! We were given samples of melted chocolate on little wafers. That evening, half of the group went bowling and the other half had a disco at the hotel. It was a great night!

On Thursday 6th July, we spent the whole day in the Fantasialand theme park. Everyone had such a good time there. We went on the water rides and got soaked and went on the Colossus ride.
After that, there was a massive thunderstorm.

On the last day, we had to get up really early, pack and have our rooms checked. We stopped in France for some last minute shopping before boarding the train to cross the channel.

Going to Germany was a fantastic experience and I would do it again. It did feel great to come home though!

Grace Pimley 7H


I am delighted to announce that, together with our partner school in Daun, Germany, I’ve completed a successful Erasmus programme bid. We will have access to a significant fund enabling us to carry out joint curriculum projects with our partner school in Germany. Funding will be available for visits to Germany relating to the project.

Our proposed project involves comparing village life with city life.

I look forward to working with interested students on this exciting and innovative project.

Ms McDermott