Sports Update: Netball, Football and Cross Country

Sports Update: Netball, Football and Cross Country


The Year 8 Football team won their first-round in the ESFA competition. The final score was 7-0. The girls played extremely well with a hat-trick from both Olivia Holloway 8H and Kenna Bartley 8G. The final goal was scored by Siun Falvey in 8E.


Mrs Jones


On Wednesday 27th September, we (the year 10 Eltham Hill netball team) psyched ourselves up to play Blackheath High School with our usual team talk before the match, discussing what we knew about how this team played; considering what we should be wary of and what we could use to our advantage during gameplay.

The first quarter commenced and both teams put up a strong fight, we were confident that the way we were playing was going exactly how it was supposed to. By the end of the first quarter, it was a draw, 1-1.

We continued our gameplay through the second quarter because of the positive results that we had achieved. It was 2-2 by half-time.

After halftime, however, it was clear that our team was tiring and by this point Blackheath had figured out what they needed to do to out-play us, leading to a final score of 3-9 to Blackheath High.

Obviously, this unknotted our positive attitude towards our overall play, making us forget how well we played in the first half. But we then realised that, in comparison to the results that came after the last time we played this team, it was clear that we have developed a large amount and this motivated us to continue with this progress. Congratulations Blackheath High!    

Ellie 10T

Cross Country

  • 8H

The Year 8 & 9 Interform Cross Country Competitions took place on Monday 2nd October. I would like to say congratulations to all the students that took part. 8H and 9T were the form champions. The top 8 finishers from each year group will go on to represent our school at the Greenwich Schools Championships on 18th October at Avery Hill Park.

Mrs Jones