Accenture Technology and Business Day

Accenture Technology and Business Day

On the 29th September, Year 10 took part in a daylong workshop which focused on 21st-century design thinking and how that might appear in the real world. The workshop was organised and run by ‘Accenture’, a global management consulting and professional services which focuses on digital technology. The day started with a taste of augmented reality. Augmented Reality is a new field of digital technology, which superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. Mouchidath Abibou and Katie Kempton got to experience cars spinning above their heads and the ability to interact with the cars by opening and closing bonnets, doors and even turning on windscreen wipers!

“It was amazing! I got to experience augmented reality, I really want to learn more about careers in this area!” (Mouchidath, Year 10)

Students were challenged to design apps with the company running a competition for the best app idea. The winning group have been invited to Accenture’s London Office to experience the facilities where the technology is designed and constructed.

As if that wasn’t enough, Accenture ran a hackathon challenge with the students, Mr Cameron, and Ms Afadi. The girls learnt coding skills and how to ‘debug’ faulty or encrypted code.

“The hackathon was so interesting, we learnt how to be able to take over a computer! I’m doing Computer Studies for GCSE so it was really interesting to understand the benefits and dangers of coding. There are some jobs out there I never knew existed!” Anouk Ardouin- Nesbit (Year 10)

Year 10 represented the school brilliantly and lots of students have expressed an interested in working within the STEM sector.