Netball: Eltham Hill vs St Paul’s

Netball: Eltham Hill vs St Paul’s

On Thursday 14th December the Year 9 Netball team went to St Paul’s to play a match.

The first centre was St Pauls but we started strongly as we obtained the ball and scored the first goal of the match. In the first quarter we played well and at the end, the score was 2-1.

In the second quarter we came back even stronger and the great attacking resulted in us scoring another 2 goals whilst St Pauls only scored 1 which made the score 4-2. This put us in a good place but it was still all to play for.

In the third quarter, St Pauls came back with their attacking and defence and both teams were quite an even match and managed to score 1 goal each.

In the final quarter we performed our best and although we didn’t score any goals our powerful defence stopped a lot of goals from St Pauls so they only managed to score 1 goal. Overall the score was 5-4 to Eltham Hill and we were all very pleased with how we played.

Player of the match was Amelie our Goal Attack.

Maya Chapman 9E