Staff Panto: Cinderella

Staff Panto: Cinderella

Our staff put on a Pantomime before the end of term for students which Nel Shepherd 7L reviewed:

On the 18th December 2017, I went to see the staff panto at Eltham Hill School. The cast consisted of Ms Neale as Cinderella, Ms Sewell as Buttons, Ms Coston and Ms Roberts as the ugly stepsisters (although they were not ugly, even if they tried) Ms Whittington as the Stepmother, Mr Lewis as the prince, with Ms Stawna and Ms Zionts as the prince’s assistant, Miss Osbourne and Miss Parke as students, and Miss Taylor as the narrator.

The costumes were amazing and full of colour, Ms Whittington’s came on in a pink dress to sing ‘Little Girls’ from Annie, and the Narrator, Ms Taylor, looked lovely in a gold dress with sparkly gold stars on her head.

The sound was well projected, cast members were just using their natural voices to fill the lecture theatre. Ms Sewell really stood out when she sang a song, inviting the audience to join in as she walked amongst them.

The other characters were played well too and embodied their roles. I think that it was a great performance that was humorous for both the children and adults that came to see it. I can’t wait for next year’s staff panto!