Keeping Students Safe on the Road

Keeping Students Safe on the Road

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A group of Year 12 students took part in the Road Code Workshop aiming to raise awareness and provide knowledge about road safety. Students took part in a quiz and after a presentation, all took turns on driving simulators and virtual reality equipment.  Driving skills were practised in normal conditions.  Many lasted only a few seconds before they were stopped for speeding! They donned “beer goggles” which imitated the effects of driving under the influence – despite the fun, the messages clearly hit home!

“The best driving experience I have taken part in. A fun and interactive quiz which also widened our knowledge of safe driving.  The virtual reality experience was the best part because it made me realise the severity of dangerous driving.  I will be taking my own test in a few weeks and I will take on board the responsibilities of being a young driver “ – Joel Mitchell 12A

“The driving simulator was challenging because I had thought driving would be easier. I was wrong. It is too easy to lose control but if you know what to do and are aware, it makes you safe” – Maiesha Rahman 12A

“The crash scene was very dramatic and made me realise what a serious business driving is.  I will never again unwittingly distract the driver in any car I am in” – Wiktoria 12L

Our presenter Colleen and the rest of the group unanimously declared Wiktoria as the safest driver!

All Year 12  students also attended Safe Drive, Stay Alive at Greenwich Theatre. Safe Drive Stay Alive is a live educational performance which helps young people to explore the circumstances which can lead to a road traffic collision and the consequences which follow. The aim of the presentation is to reduce the number of casualties among young drivers and their passengers by questioning their behaviour and attitude on the roads in an emotive and hard-hitting way and is delivered by members of the emergency services, victims and their families.