Press for Progress on International Women’s Day

Press for Progress on International Women’s Day

  • Press for Progress

We held our annual International Women’s Day Conference last week. The theme, Press for Progress, encouraged young people to be active citizens. At the conference, our students were able to:

  • Celebrate women who have pressed for progress in equality issues
  • Learn more about the challenges girls and women may face
  • Campaign to encourage more young people to press for progress

Students took part in a series of workshops, organised by staff  and Post 16 students, in which they discussed political change and explored social, cultural, economic and biological factors that may prevent progress. They also discussed the concrete ceiling – personal barriers that some girls and women have to overcome. Students then designed campaigns on issues about which they are passionate.

The students said:

“The sessions were very meaningful and made us understand what women are going through today” Year 7

“I liked the atmosphere and the idea of different age groups working together and discussing ideas. Everyone was passionate about women’s rights” Year 8

“It was fun and I was able to take action” Year 10

We look forward to their campaigns over the coming months!

Ms Mand