Sleepover 2018

Sleepover 2018

On Friday 8th June 2018, Year 7 girls were treated to an exciting evening of entertainment and creativity planned by the Head Girl’s Team, Year 10 Students and myself. The event was a fundraiser for the organisation ‘Womankind’, which aims to bring awareness to women’s rights and to empower the lives of women and girls.

The theme of the night was about being ‘#unstoppable’, with the intended aim of the girls leaving the sleepover feeling empowered. The sleepover included an array of fun workshops & activities including a Disco, Sports contests, Treasure Hunts, Photo Shoots, Food Craft, a Dance workshop, Arts & Crafts and a movie screening of The Greatest Showman – as well as a delicious supper made by Mr Reeves and his catering team.

It was an absolute privilege organising this annual tradition, working alongside some of the most dedicated and creative Year 10s, to create this memorable event for the Year 7s. We felt #unstoppable seeing all our hard work pay off shown through the relaxed mood of the event and the sheer excitement of the Year 7s.

Claramae Flemming (Head Girl 2018/19)

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