Book Review: After the Fire by Will Hill

Book Review: After the Fire by Will Hill

After the Fire by Will Hill

Reviewed by Ayla 8H

After the Fire, written by Will Hill, is a book that follows the life of a young woman called Moonbeam in the aftermath of a fire that killed many and destroyed her ‘home’.

Moonbeam lived in a religious cult. The cult is all she had ever known; ruled by a cruel dictator, Father John. After the Fire focuses on her realisation of the brutalities that happened within the cult and how she deals with the horror of the fire.

After the fire, Moonbeam is sent to a centre where she talks to professionals and at first she is reluctant to say anything but gradually she opens up. The reader is frequently transported back to life before the fire as Moonbeam talks about it in her sessions.

In my opinion this book was ok. Even though it begins with action, I thought it was slowly-paced. There were times when I wished the book would speed up!

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy suspense and action. I would say this book is suitable for Year 7+. There is a lot of violence and there are some distressing topics.