Takeover Challenge

Takeover Challenge

On the 10th of July, a group of 14 students had the challenge of taking over teacher’s jobs within their school. Students took on a range of role including PE, History, IT, SENDCO, Maths, English, Drama, RS and many more.

This was a day for the students to try out and experience what it’s like being an adult. A number of student participators reported that they really enjoyed this challenge and started to develop more confidence and leadership skills after the event. It was great to see the students really trying to help and work together with the staff, lots of teamwork and communication was involved during the day and this was probably one of the greatest opportunities our fellow year 9 students had.

I am one of the year 9 students (Anna) that took part in this event, and I took on the role of PE teacher with Ms Clarkson. We met at 8:20 am in the morning, to collect the equipment that we needed for the day and then got collected by the staff we were shadowing. My day started off by getting a brief overview of my timetable. During period 1 me and another Year 9 student planned our warm up and cool down for period 4 where we were with year 7s. We then had the experience to go around and see what it was like to be on-call, I was walking around with Ms Mand where I had a lovely conversation about her job and what she does on a daily basis. In Period 4 I led the warm-up for a 7H outside on the field, where we then played rounders, whilst Joyce was leading the warm up and cool down for another lesson in the sports hall where they practised high jump. During the other periods I helped sort out exam papers and print certain papers, we also had a morning break (20mins) and a lunch break (30mins) where we got to have a free meal because of the free lunch card we’ve received in the morning.

Personally, this day was one of the best experiences I’ve ever participated in, it was really nice to experience what it was like teaching and helping out teachers and I hope to get involved in something like this again. I would recommend the staff to give this opportunity to the upcoming Year 9 because I think this is an amazing opportunity to develop leadership skills and see into the adult working life.

Anna Antal 9H