iPads for Learning

After several years of successful use of iPads for Learning with our Post 16 students, we have launched the use of iPads with our current Year 9 students.

To find out more information please view our iPad video, the presentation from the information evening and our frequently asked questions.

“The most powerful tools for learning are the ones students love to use.”

Further Information

Please view our presentation to find out the benefits of using iPads in the classroom:

iPad Presentation

Leasing Scheme

The Leasing Scheme will be with the charity BeLF. It will be approximately £15 per month over 2 years and includes a Protective case, insurance and apps/software
The iPad is owned by the family, not the school.


iPad Form – Direct Debit

Insurance Claims

How to make an insurance claim if the iPad is damaged:

Eltham Hill School and BELF are unable to assist you if you damage your iPad. However you are provided with a comprehensive insurance service as part of your continued payments into the scheme. All insurance claims must be registered by completing the online form and providing as much detail as possible. Please note that the USB charging cable and plug adapter are not covered by insurance for damage or loss. You will be responsible for replacing these items yourselves from a suitable supplier, such as an electrical store or even major supermarket chains now stock these.

To make an Insurance claim: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you proposing introducing iPads to my child’s year group? 

Education in the 21st century means students can learn anything, anywhere and at anytime. iPads provide a wide range of functions to enhance teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom. Your daughter will be starting her GCSE courses in September and will benefit from the increased resources the iPad can provide.

  1. What specifically are you hoping to achieve?

We want to ensure all our students have the necessary resources they need to succeed in school and at home. The vast range of specialist educational apps available will help to deepen students’ learning and accelerate her progress.

  1. Do the iPads have to go home every night?

The iPad will be an invaluable tool for completing homework and independent study. As part of the induction process, the school will be providing a workshop for students on personal safety.

  1. How much will this scheme cost?

By working with BeLF – The Birmingham E-Learning Foundation, a registered charity we are able to offer iPads for £15 per month spread over two years. The iPads will belong to the parent at the end of the two years.

  1. How does the parental contribution scheme work?

Each student will be provided with the use of an iPad for use at school and at home (currently the iPad Air 32Gb), a robust case, a range of apps, and a full warranty and insurance cover with no excess.  Parents are asked to sign and return a direct debit form to the school.

  1. What happens at the end of the scheme?

If all your payments have been made, the iPad will belong to the parents at the end of the payment scheme.

  1. Are the parents who agree to contribute subsidising those who can’t or won’t?

No.  We want the scheme to be equitable and include all Year 8s to make it fair for all learners. If a family is experiencing serious financial hardship or has a number of students in school they can contact the charity or us as a subsidy may be available through the use of Gift Aid.

  1. What about students who already own an iPad?

You can either choose to join the school scheme or bring your own iPad into school, providing it is the same standard or higher to ensure it can operate to the same level. The school will offer to install the same apps that will be on the school-owned iPads, as well as software to allow access to the school’s filtered wireless network.  However, we cannot take responsibility for home owned iPads, and they will not supported by our technical team.  Any insurance claim for damage or theft will be the responsibility of the parent.

  1. What if an iPad is damaged, stops working or is stolen?

We insist on an approved case being used at all times to minimise the chance of accidental damage.  The warranty provided through this scheme covers the iPad. (Please see the insurance details provided).

  1. What about parents who don’t want to be part of the scheme?

We will invite parents to a meeting to listen to their concerns. In order for this scheme to be viable we need the majority of Year 8s to participate. If a significant number of parents do not support the scheme then we will not go ahead with it at this time.

  1. What if I have more than one child in this year group?

The charity BeLF are very experienced at supporting families in this situation. Please talk to them directly or to our school Business Manager, Neil Iles. If you have children in different year groups, please also talk to us when we launch the iPads for Learning scheme for that year group.

  1. How will using the iPad impact on the quality of students’ handwriting?

Students will still be expected to hand write work in most subjects.  There will be no need to word process all their work, and much will still be completed in exercise books.  However, there are many advantages to word processing some work on the iPad using an app such as Pages.  Students can spell check their work, look up definitions, add electronic notes and email work to their teacher for faster feedback.

  1. How will the iPads for Learning scheme affect homework?

A device that can be used both at school and at home can improve continuity of learning, with all the resources needed available in one place.  Parents can play a greater part in supporting and understanding the work that students are doing in class.  We anticipate that homework tasks can have much greater depth and use a much wider range of media than conventional paper based homework.

  1. Will students spend all day staring at a screen?

No. iPads will only be used as and when needed, and in some lessons may not be used at all if they don’t enhance the learning in that particular lesson. Creativity is at the heart of our teaching and learning and the iPads will be used as an additional tool.

We recommend that students think about the quality of their screen time.  We hope that our projects encourage a larger proportion of purposeful, quality, screen time.  Young people need to learn positive digital behaviours and habits, and schools are well placed to encourage this and give the right pointers and encouragement.

  1. So, are we allowed to install our own apps?

Yes, you can install anything that is age-appropriate for the student, provided there is sufficient memory available at all times for school work.