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Knowing how to advise your child about the wealth of different educational and career options can be confusing and difficult as well as time-consuming. These important decisions have to be made several times throughout their academic career: in Year 8 when selecting GCSE’s, in Year 11 deciding on Post 16 options and then again in Year 13 when we have to make the decision between going to university, work or apprenticeships.

The Eltham Hill Careers Page aims to provide you and your child with a comprehensive range of career guidance information to help you understand the vast range of different opportunities that are available to young people today at each stage they encounter.

There are many websites offering advice and guidance but we have listed a collection of our favourite sites below categorised into key decision stages.

Embedding careers education within our curriculum and ensuring our students have access to employers, workplace visits and university trips throughout their time at Eltham Hill is essential to ensure that our young people are fully prepared and motivated for the world of work that they will soon encounter.

We will continue to add to this site and if you have any ideas or suggestions about careers information you would like please contact me at

I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Ms E Brignell

Eltham Hill CEIAG Careers Coordinator

Independent Careers Advice at Eltham Hill School

We think it is essential that each student has the opportunity to have an interview with an Independent Careers Adviser to assist them when making important decisions about their post 16 and post 18 opportunities. Every student in year 10 and 12 are invited to a 30-minute interview and will be offered advice, feedback and a personal action plan.

A message from Eltham Hill’s Independent Careers Adviser:

“We offer every pupil the opportunity to have a guidance interview. This is available wherever significant study or career choices are being made. As the Careers Adviser, I work with the students offering 1:1 careers guidance in order to meet their individual needs. Together we explore the students’ ideas and options to help them to make informed choices about their future.”
Catherine Leachman, Careers Adviser.

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