Information for parents

Please find below work experience information for Parents issued by Royal Borough of Greenwich.

The aim of Work Experience is to give students an insight into the world of work and can also support coursework. In particular a placement allows a student to demonstrate and develop the Key Skills of communication, number, I.C.T. working with others, improving own learning and performance and problem solving.

In contrast to an industrial visit where they are only able to observe, work experience allows students to experience a short continuous spell in a working situation and to gain first hand knowledge of what particular jobs entail. This experience helps prepare young people for the transition from school to college or employment. It can also help students in their own career choice.


 The preparation of students is controlled by the Education (Work Experience) Act 1973/1996 Education Act. Under the Act, students are eligible to take part during their last two years of compulsory schooling, i.e., years 10 and 11, or at any time later if they remain in full-time education.

Types of Work

 There are certain restrictions by law which are designed to protect young people from occupations unsuitable for them. Parents who wish to have further details can contact the Work Experience Team at Royal Borough of Greenwich on 020 8921 5683.


Students do not receive any payment for Work Experience. In some cases the employer may offer assistance with fares and lunches.

Hours of Work

These will be the normal hours worked by young employees of the organisation concerned. The student will normally work between the hours of 07.00 and 19.00 for a maximum of 8 hours, inclusive of breaks, except by agreement with parents, school and the Council Work Experience Co-ordinator. Post-16 students may work for a maximum of 9 hours, inclusive of breaks, between 07.00 and 22.00.

Vetting of Work Experience Placements

 All work experience placements are vetted for suitability before being used by students. Sometimes students find placements themselves through family or other personal contacts. For these placements to gain approved status they must undergo the same vetting procedure as those identified by schools or the Skills Team – Work Experience. Occasionally placements cannot be approved by Royal Borough of Greenwich. This is usually because an employer does not have the requisite insurance policies, health and safety documentation or cannot demonstrate adequate levels of supervision etc. In rare cases, approval cannot be given due to the placement falling within the list of activities students are prohibited by law from undertaking on work experience. In such cases parent/carers will be informed that the placement does not meet the requirements of the various legislation covering work experience and that the placement cannot be sanctioned. If after receiving such information a parent/carer decides that their child will still undertake the placement, neither the school nor Royal Borough of Greenwich will accept any further responsibility for the placement. The register will show the student as having taken unauthorised absence from school. The student will not be included within Royal Borough of Greenwich insurance cover for students on work experience.

Student Record Book and Parental Evaluation

 Pre-16 students will be given a work experience record book before beginning their placement. All students should also have been provided with a job description, giving details of hours of work, dress code, duties to be undertaken etc. Students will have been thoroughly briefed in school before the start of work experience. However, it would be extremely helpful if parents/carers could familiarise themselves with the content of the record book and give support and encouragement for the duration of the placement. Every student should be visited by a member of the school staff whilst on placement but it is only parents who can offer daily support during this extended period away from the school environment.

Work experience programmes are very closely monitored and evaluated; this includes the views of parents and carers.

Information Given to Employers

 Before the start of any placement each employer is provided with information about the student they are about to receive into their workplace. This information includes home address, telephone number, an emergency contact for parent/carer, relevant medical details of a student as well as details of the school. This information may be used by an employer if a student becomes ill or if there is an emergency outside normal school hours. The school will also provide a brief reference on each student to ensure that employers have sufficient and relevant information to ensure adequate levels of supervision. Parents/carers may wish to discuss/approve the content of the form Work Experience – Student Profile with the appropriate member of the school staff before it is issued to employers.

Health and Safety

Students are required to comply with the safety regulations of the organisation where they are working. Employers are asked to check that the students understand those safety regulations, to ensure that adequate supervision is given throughout the student’s stay and carry out a risk assessment of the tasks to be undertaken by the student bearing in mind the age and inexperience of a young person. Employers are made aware of their responsibilities to students on placement under the terms and conditions of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), the Health and Safety (Training for Employment) Regulations 1990, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Health and Safety (Young Persons) Regulations 1997. In addition, employers will be required to provide adequate insurance cover for students.