Tips For Finding Work Experience

Work Experience Handy Hints 

Here are some tips for finding work experience placements:

  • Ask family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues if they can take your child – most placements come from people you already know.
  • When you ask them, be clear about the dates: 8-19th July 2019.
  • If you are approaching someone you don’t know, be professional when you approach them and try and find out the name of the main contact so you can write a personal letter/email/phone call.
  • Make the request relevant to that business, rather than sending a batch of generic requests.   If they do not respond to you, send another mail or make a phone-call to chase them.
  • Sell your strengths: for example, if you daughter has 100% attendance and excellent punctuality, tell the potential employer. This will give employers the confidence that your daughter is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Don’t get disheartened when a business says “no”. It will happen, move onto the next contact.
  • If you and your daughter decide to visit a business to ask for a placement, be business like. Take a CV, dress professionally, talk confidently – businesses will respond better if they have trust in the student and a professional appearance can really help build this trust.
  • Please remember to take your Own Find Form with you and hand it to the employer so they can complete the Employer Section.

Please find below an example email that you can adapt to fit your requirements:

Dear Sir or Madam, (if you can find out the name of the person in advance, this will look much better)

I am a Year 10 student at Eltham Hill School and I am looking for a Work Experience Placement in the summer as my school enables us to undertake work experience from 8 – 19th July.

I am writing to see you if you might consider hosting me at your company to allow me to gain an insight into the XXXX industry. I am really interested in a career in XXXX and I hope that work experience in your organisation will give me an idea of how to work towards this goal and the qualifications I need to take in the future.

I would like to add that I am a conscientious and hardworking student, I have 100 % attendance at school and I am always on time.  In my spare time, I ……….. (for example, create YouTube videos and have gained forty subscribers in the last three months OR In my spare time I help my Dad in his shop so I have plenty of customer service experience and I am used to handling payments OR I am reliable and trustworthy and work for a number of families in my area providing regular babysitting service OR I compete regularly in sports fixtures for my local team……)

If you would like to phone me or interview me before you agree to a placement, I would be very happy to do so.  If you need any other information, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely /faithfully, (“Yours sincerely” if you know the name of the person / “Yours faithfully” if you use Dear Sir / Madam)