A Level: Computer Science

Key Facts

Exam board – AQA

What will I study?

• How to program multiple languages
• How computers communicate
• How a processor and other hardware works
• How the law applies to computers
• How the computer represents information
• How to use technology responsibly and ethically
• The logic behind computers
• How to solve problems

What skills do I need?

You must be:-
• Inquisitive – Do you wonder how a computer works?
• Excited by change – Do you want to shape the future?
• Fearless – Can you make mistakes and bounce back?
• A Problem solver – Can you use simple tools to solve any problem?
• Patient – Are you up to the challenge of a hard course?

Where will this take me?

• A Computer Science Degree – Highly technical and highly sought after!
• A job in the IT industry (Programmer, Games Developer, IT Consultant etc.)
• The problem-solving skills at the heart of programming support almost any career
• Write your own future & develop the next big thing!