A Level: Product Design

Product Design – the design, prototyping and modelling or making of primarily functional and aesthetic products, objects, and environments, drawing upon intellectual, creative and practical skills.

On this course, you will experiment with:

  • architectural design
  • sculpture
  • ceramics
  • product design
  • jewellery and body adornment
  • interior design
  • environmental/landscape/garden design
  • exhibition design
  • 3D digital design
  • design for theatre, film and television

Skills and Techniques

On the Product Design Course, you will learn how ideas, feeling, forms and purpose can generate responses that address specific needs be these personal or determined by external factors such as the requirements or details of a specific commission. You will also discover the ways in which meanings, ideas and intentions relative to three-dimensional design can be communicated. This will include figurative and nonfigurative forms of representation, stylisation, simplification, exaggeration, the relationship between form and surface embellishment, constructional considerations and imaginative interpretation. In addition, you will learn about visual and tactile elements such as colour, line, form, tone, texture, space, proportion, decoration, scale, structure, shape and pattern.


This course is 2 years long and consists of 4 units.

AS Level (First year)
Unit 1 – Materials, Components and Application (2 Hour written paper)
Unit 2 – Learning through Designing and Making

A Level (Second Year)
Unit 3 – Design and Manufacture (2 hour written exam)
Unit 4 – Design and Making Practice