IB SL Subject: Design Technology

IB SL  Subject: Design Technology

The aim of the DP design technology course is to foster the skill development in students required to use new and existing technologies to create new products, services and systems.

Common core

All students complete a common core:

  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • Resource management and sustainable production
  • Modelling
  • Raw material to final product
  • Innovation and design
  • Classic design


All students complete a design project as an internal assessment task. This design project allows them to demonstrate their investigative, analytical, design thinking, design development, prototyping, testing and evaluation skills and mirrors the design processes used across the various industries that integrate design practice. Internal assessment accounts for 40% of the final assessment.

At SL, the design project requires students to identify a problem and develop a solution. It is assessed against four common criteria:

Analysis of a design opportunity
Conceptual design
Development of a detailed design
Testing and evaluation

The standard level course is assessed through a multiple choice paper (paper 1), a core paper, which consists of a short response and extended answer questions (paper 2), and the internal assessment design project.