IB SL Subject: World Religions

IB SL Subject: World Religions

The following three questions underpin the study of all world religions.

  • What is the human condition?
  • Where are we going?
  • How do we get there?

What does this course involve?

Part 1: Introduction to world religions
Five world religions will be studied:
Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Taoism
Paper 1
30% Five stimulus response questions, covering at least three religions

Part 2: In-depth studies
Two world religions to be studied:
• Buddhism
• Christianity

The study of each religion will be guided through the following themes:
• Rituals
• Sacred texts
• Doctrines/beliefs
• Religious experience
• Ethics and moral conduct

Paper 2
45% Two (of fourteen possible) essay questions based on guiding themes.

Part 3: Internal assessment Investigative study
Written analysis
25% Structured format based on an investigative study. Internal and externally moderated.