Group 2: Second Language

Group 2: French, German or Spanish

The IB recognises the important role of languages in the world by insisting that students take at least one foreign language. It is essential that all IB students develop a command of more than one language and learn to think internationally. Students will cover topics including Communication and the Media, Global Issues and Cultural Diversity, and Health, Leisure, Science and Technology. They will be developing their written and verbal communications skills and learn to communicate in a fluent confident manner.

Language Course Outline for Year 12 and 13:

Core units

Communication and Media Social issues
Social relationships

2 Options

Cultural diversity
Customs and traditions
Science and technology

What’s the different between Standard and Higher Level?

Standard level is intended for students who want to achieve a good standard of written and spoken French, Spanish or German beyond GCSE level. Students should have had two to five years of successful experience of learning French, Spanish or German.

Higher level is for students who wish to focus on French, Spanish or German as a major influence in their lives, perhaps at university or in a future career. Students should have had four to five years successful experience of learning French, Spanish or German.

Ab initio

The ab initio course is designed to enable students to start learning a new language from scratch. The aim of the course is to prepare them to use the language in a range of everyday situations and contexts. They will also learn about the culture of the country where the language is spoken.


Assessment is through a written coursework assignment, an individual and interactive oral activity and two written examinations.