Computer Science

Subject Overview

GCSE Computer Science is a rigorous, fascinating and intellectually challenging subject taken by students who have chosen it. To meet the demands of the GCSE 9-1 curriculum, we operate a 3-year Key Stage 4 curriculum starting from Year 9. Students will learn all the teaching contents in Years 9 and 10. In year 11, students will complete a non-exam assessment project alongside exam preparation.

GCSE Computer Science is engaging and practical, encouraging creativity and problem solving. It encourages students to develop their understanding and application of the core concepts in computer science. Students also analyse problems in computational terms and devise creative solutions by designing, writing, testing and evaluating programs.

Course Content

The table below shows the breakdown of the content taught at KS4 which follows the OCR GCSE (9-1) in Computer Science:

Throughout the GCSE Computer Science course, students are taught the key principles and problem solving skills which underpin the course to boosting confidence and raising attainment through

  • Fluency in subject specialist terms
  • Progression and making links
  • Problem-solving and modelling
  • Programming and logical reasoning
  • Reflection and relevance

Exams and Assessment

All students are given a combination of both paper and online homework to extend and support their learning throughout the year. Homeworks are designed to promote students’ proficiency in applying Computer Science concepts to solving real-life problems and becoming confident in describing, assessing, justifying and evaluating.

At the end of year 11, students will take the GCSE Computer Science examination which consists of 2 written papers, all of the same weighting of 50%

  • Paper 1 Computer Systems – 1 hr 30 mins
  • Paper 2 Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming – 1 hr 30 mins

Prior to exams, students would have been thoroughly exposed to and had solved a range of exam-style questions to become confident.

Useful Websites and Books

To excel in GCSE Computer Science, these materials are very useful and it is important to have access to them: