Drama is a practical subject where students will take part in workshops exploring a range of practitioners and playwrights. Students explore the cultural, social and political context of a range of texts and techniques, developing their own practice and voice.

As part of the course students must attend live theatre; we also recommend that students gain performance experience. As well as offering several opportunities as part of the course, we also recommend that our GCSE students participate in the numerous extra curricular opportunities we offer.

Course content

GCSE Drama requires candidates to study one complete performance text plus one additional key extract from a second performance text. The interpretation of the complete performance text will be assessed through written examination. Candidates will also participate in two performances, one devised and one text. The devised piece is based on the work and methodologies of a theatre practitioner or genre in response to a stimulus provided at the beginning of the course.

Exams and Assessment

Unit Topic Marks %
Unit 1 Devised performance and written rationale 40%
Unit 2 Performance from a text 20%
Unit 3 Written exam on a set text 40%

Why choose Drama?

Drama and the Welsh board specification allows students to develop their creativity, personal growth, self-confidence, communication and analytical skills through acquisition of knowledge and the exercising of the imagination. S tudents have the opportunity to attend professional performances, thus developing their skills as informed and thoughtful audience members.

In Drama students mostly work in group settings, developing vital interpersonal skills that will benefit them in whatever career or programme of study they choose to follow.