Media Studies

Media Studies involves the study of broadcast, print media and e-media. This course focuses around exciting topics such as gender, masculinity, new digital media, identity and media theory. You also get to create media of your own such as short films and magazines!

Why choose Media Studies?

Media Studies is an exciting and ever changing course. The subject is aimed at those with a critical mind who want to learn how to decode messages from the media. If you have an interest in film, digital media or journalism this course is for you!

Course Content

Practical Content: Students are to create a Media product for an intended audience. This could be anything from a music video to a magazine. This is worth 30% of the course.

Students will be expected to:
 – Make use of colour, font and positioning
– Demonstrate some photography skill
– Respond to an idea, issue, concept, theme or brief
– Learn editing techniques for moving image and photography.

Exams and Assessment

Unit Topic Marks %
Unit 1 Explores the theory behind the media and looks closely at audiences and representation 35%
Unit 2 Explores the language and context of the media; you will develop skills in analysing products 35%