Modern Foreign Languages

French, Spanish & German

As a successful International School and because of our commitment to personalising pathways for students, we are pleased to offer you GCSE courses in German, French and Spanish.

You will have the opportunity to attend clubs to help you further increase your fluency. Additionally, we organise day trips, study trips, exchanges and other activities for you to apply your language skills.

Course Content

Language classes at GCSE are interactive, challenging, fun and designed to develop your language skills quickly. The course covers four key areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. All these skills will be important to you when you are applying for sixth form, university or work.

Alongside these four skills, you will cover a huge range of topics in your language classes. So as well as learning a language you will also learn all about the culture and lifestyle of foreign countries: school life, food, travel, sports, famous people, music, the environment, traditions and customs.

Exams and Assessment

The four skills are assessed separately and are weighted as follows:

Listening 25%
Reading 25%
Speaking 35%
Writing 35%

The exams will test your vocabulary, grammar, responses to literature and translation abilities, all of which you will prepare for during your GCSE course.

Why choose MFL?

It may seem that everyone speaks English, but approximately 75% of the world’s population don’t. The ability to speak more than one language is becoming an essential skill in the increasingly global work place. In addition, taking a GCSE in MFL will help you learn about different communities and cultures alongside a wide range of topics. It will also be fantastic preparation for the International Baccalaureate.

Being multi-lingual increases your brain capacity, improves your memory and improves your overall confidence and communication skills. The ability to use another language in the workplace is believed to increase your salary (wages) between 8% and 20% and provide you with fantastic opportunities to work in exciting industries and roles across the world.