School Library

Welcome to Eltham Hill School Library

About the Library

The Library is designed to support reading for pleasure and help students with academic research.


The Library is open throughout the school day, from the start of school to 3.50pm.

Library Staff

Mary Hirth, Librarian

Book Clubs

A Carnegie Shadowing Reading Group is run every April-June.

Finding Your Way Around the Library Collection

Library: Fiction (Year 7, Year 9 and Adult), Quick Reads, Community Languages, Feminism Collection, Rainbow Reads, Shelf Help, Plays, Anthologies, Classics, Poetry and Biographies

Main Building Ground Floor: Non-Fiction and Careers Resources

Reprographics: Staff CPD Resources

Post-16 Study Room: Review Magazines and The Week

A selection of magazines is also available in subject classrooms: Crafts, Selvedge, History Today, Hindsight, National Geographic, National Geographic Kids and Wideworld.