Student Librarians

Student Librarians help make sure the Library is a welcoming and exciting place for all who come here. They work towards their Student Librarian Award and have the opportunity to earn additional badges and become Senior Librarians.

Being a Student Librarian enables you to:

  • Support the mission and goals of the Library
  • Promote the role and services of the Library within the school community
  • Contribute to the life of the school
  • Develop your own knowledge, skills and personal qualities
  • Help other students
  • Support the Librarian by undertaking basic administration duties
  • Demonstrate leadership through being a role model for other students
  • Undertake a position which demands commitment, reliability, co-operation, responsibility and trust
  • Develop a strong work ethic
  • Initiate ideas and develop these into operating projects

Privileges of being a Student Librarian:

  • Have first choice from new additions to stock
  • Attend end-of-term events as arranged
  • Attend any other organised activities as arranged

Student Librarians

Manuella Akmel, Charlotte Biro, Abigale Clark, Samantha Colledge, Mimi Dowers, Marta Dumitro, Sara El-Sayed, Lia-May Hall, Trinity James, Jessica Lee, Catrin McDonald, Beatriz Pelarigo, Amal Serroukh, Zahra Siddiqi, Oceanne Sitbon

Senior Librarians

Teni Alakija, Ebonnie Clarke, Scarlett Montgomery

Student Librarian Training Booklet