Student Librarians

Student Librarians help make sure the Library is a welcoming and exciting place for all who come here. They work towards their Student Librarian Award and have the opportunity to earn additional badges and become Senior Librarians.

Being a Student Librarian enables you to:

  • Support the mission and goals of the Library
  • Promote the role and services of the Library within the school community
  • Contribute to the life of the school
  • Develop your own knowledge, skills and personal qualities
  • Help other students
  • Support the Librarian by undertaking basic administration duties
  • Demonstrate leadership through being a role model for other students
  • Undertake a position which demands commitment, reliability, co-operation, responsibility and trust
  • Develop a strong work ethic
  • Initiate ideas and develop these into operating projects

Privileges of being a Student Librarian:

  • Have first choice from new additions to stock
  • Attend end-of-term events as arranged
  • Attend any other organised activities as arranged

Student Librarians

Yanikcha Yogarajah, Charlotte Biro, Abigale Clark, Marta Dumitru, Jada Graham, Trinity James, Jessica Lee, Santhiya Logan, Catrin McDonald, Beatriz Pelarigo, Amal Serroukh, Zahra Siddiqi, Chloe Xiang, Ayla Barnett-Campbell, Charis Gruber, Evie Illing, Nola Kershaw, Toni McKenzie, Chen Chen Steiner, Rhyleigh Cannon, Sinead Clarke, Samantha Colledge, Mimi Dowers, Ella Goodwin, Amelia Kay, Nancy Riley, Mckayla Whitehorne-King, Oceanne Sitbon, May Thomson, Tharaa Patterson, Ella De Lacy and Sevin Kasso

Senior Librarians

Ela Yaman, Lauren Carey-Wearn, Ayse Ceylan, Eda Yaman, Mouchidath Abibou, Shukrat Adebayo, Teni Alakija, Ebonnie Clarke, Zara Kelly, Jade Love, Lauren Monk, Chide Onyeneke and Scarlett Montgomery

Student Librarian Training Booklet