Student Leadership

Vision for Student Leadership

At the heart of our school is a vision for excellence, happiness and success, by developing our student leadership experience we can build the skills, confidence and motivation necessary to pursue our vision. Leadership is not just for an elite few. Leadership is an observable, learnable set of practices.

Our goal is to embed leadership in and around school to encourage students to collaborate, critique, debate and be part of class decisions. We want all to be able to lead themselves to make good choices and decisions through development of this ethos, supported by staff and student modelling. We aim to create a culture where all students can contribute through those students who wish to take a lead in shaping the future direction of the school, making improvement to the educational experiences of all. Through a democratic process, students will be given ownership, real influence in decision-making and be empowered to take responsibility to bring about real change. We want to motivate every student to aspire for excellence, to be caring individuals and responsible citizens.



Aims of the Student Leadership Programme (SLP)

  • To offer a range of roles and responsibilities for the student population that provides them with experiences to develop as the leaders of tomorrow.
  • To motivate every student to aspire for excellence, to be caring individuals and responsible citizens.
  • To enhance students’ understanding of the processes of democracy, advocacy, consultation and change.
  • To promote active citizenship by establishing functioning democratic bodies with real influence, debating powers and decision-making.
  • To give students the opportunity to share their feelings and opinions about issues that affect them, so that the school can respond positively to those views.
  • To enable students to play an active role in shaping the future direction of the school and school improvement.
  • To develop leadership life skills through participation in the Metamorphosis Award (EHS Young Women’s Leadership Qualification to be launch in 2017)


 Student Leadership Programme


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