Head Girl’s Team

Head Girl and the Head Girl’s Team

The Head Girl, Head Girls’ Team and Prefects form the core of our Student Leaders. The girls went through a rigorous selection process; submitting an application and having to deliver speeches to the entire school in order to convince their peers for their votes.


(Head Girl)

I am looking to help all students enjoy their experiences within the school and to ensure that the memories they make are valuable and precious. I also looking to bring awareness to certain issues faced in society.

Favourite Subject/s

English, Psychology, Drama, Textiles, Health and Social Care and Dance.

Future Goals

I aspire to study Sociocultural Anthropology at one of the top universities and eventually train to become an Equality and Diversity Officer.


I’m very honoured and excited to be a part of Eltham Hill’s Head Girl’s Team, it’s such a blessing to be working with such a cohesive team of girls with such dedication to this esteemed and proud community. I’m looking forward to this future year to inspiring others.

Favourite Subject/s

PE, Music, English and History.

Future Goals

I love learning about the human anatomy so I am interested in going down the medicine route.


I want to listen and help the Eltham Hill School community. I want to understand Eltham Hill and improve it better for the benefit of our pupils and teachers alike.

Favourite Subject/s

Science and Geography.

Future Goals

I want to continue my education by attending university studying medicine. I aspire to be a successful doctor.


I want to make sure every individual feels happy safe and comfortable as well as providing a role model who can be approached at any time.

Favourite Subject/s

Science and Product Design.

Future Goals

I’m not too sure about what career I would pursue but I would either like it to involve either medicine or design.


I am looking forward to making a difference in my school.

Favourite Subject/s

History, Chemistry and French.

Future Goals

I aim to go to university for medicine so that I can eventually become a paediatric cardiologist. I would also like to move to Australia!


I am looking forward to organising and planning events such as the Year 7 Sleepover and our prom.

Favourite Subject/s

English, Sociology and Drama.

Future Goals

I would like to be a scriptwriter.


I am looking to be a good role model for younger peers to look up to me. I will listen to any concerns and ideas from students and staff.

Favourite Subject/s

Psychology, Science and Textiles.

Future Goals

I want to go to a good university and become a Dentist while making my parents and siblings proud.

Senior Prefects 17/18

Ebonnie Clarke, Ruth Mbuyi, Raiam Koroma, Jade Banton, Thea Hellen, Beauty Oluokun and Hollie Williams.

Prefects 17/18

Teniola Alakija, Georgia Penniall-Grant, Melek Kiranel, Temiloluwa Akinfaye, Iya Sozan, Emily Griffiths, Jareda Cudjoe, Lauren Southard, Charlotte Woolner, Juliana Halili, Hanna Osmanzay, Lily Hartley, Noora Naji, Salwa Jama, Isabelle Bailey, Hilary Osei, Tomilayo Olaniyi and Shannon Longhurst.