Primary School to Eltham Hill School

We aim to ensure that all Year 6 students have a smooth, enjoyable start to their secondary school. We do this in a number of ways:

  • In June, we have a ‘Transition Information Event’ where parents and students get to hear from our Key Stage 3 Leader about the transition process and ask any questions they may have
  • All Year 6 students have a ‘taster day’ which takes place in July. This day is a chance to experience life as a Year 7 student, together with a full programme of activities, which are both exciting and reassuring
  • The opportunity to take part in our Summer School
  • Our Year 7 Pastoral Manager and Key Stage Leader visit all Primary Schools so that Year 5 and 6 students are familiar with them.

Visits to Primary School

Your daughter will be visited at some point between May and June.

Transition Information Evening

Thursday 20th June 2019. You will receive detailed information regarding this event when you receive your offer at Eltham Hill School.

Taster Day

Wednesday 3rd July 2018 : 9:00 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.


Guidance Notes for the completion of the Admission Booklet, and other useful information: Click Here

Welcome to Eltham Hill Information Booklet: Click Here

Summer School for New Year 7’s

We will be offering summer school this year, at a cost of £50 per student for 3 days from Wednesday 24th July to Friday 26th July 2019, 9 am to 3 pm. 

Summer School is an opportunity for the school’s new Year 7s to get to know each other and their teachers in a fun and relaxed environment before the official start of school.


Payment details:

All events, trips and school meal payments are only available via ParentPay. You will receive your log in details at the transition information evening, you will then be able to pay for the summer school events after the 19th June.

Quotes from Pupils

Here are just a few things some of our Year 7 students said about their transition experience to Eltham Hill School:

“I felt scared at first as I came from a really small school. But now I love Eltham Hill. The teachers are kind and caring and encourage me to be the best person I can be.” – Mia Dawkins 7E

“I felt nervous and scared as I was the only one coming to EH from my primary school. I have made lots of friends and I’m very happy.”  – Sky James 7M

“At the start of year 7 I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I was looking forward to all the new opportunities and new experiences I would be introduced to. Teachers are kind which helps me to learn. I have also made lots of friends.” – Tawa Adebayo 7E

“I really wanted to come to Eltham Hill as my sisters are here and they love it. I knew I would feel safe. I was the only one from my primary school who came to EH so I was shy and afraid I wouldn’t make friends. I have made lots of friends from all different primary schools. My favourite lesson is Drama it’s fun! I want to be an actress when I’m older so being part of Drama is my first steps towards my dream.” – Shayna Shah 7S

“At the start, I was afraid I wouldn’t make friends, but I have and Eltham Hill is not at all scary. The teachers are always calm and they look after me. I’m really glad I came to Eltham Hill!” – Catrin McDonald 7L