British Science Week

British Science Week

  • British Science Week

There was a range of activities that students participated in for British Science Week. Year 7 had two lessons where they had to think like engineers, constructing a marble tunnel and also building a tower made out of dried spaghetti and polystyrene balls. Physics knowledge was incorporated and students learnt how to work well as a team. Students had the chance to act as surgeons; dissecting a lamb’s heart and finding the different chambers. They now have some GCSE Biology knowledge about the heart! This lesson was planned and delivered in one lesson by the following students in Year 10, as part of the Science CREST Award group:

  • Siham Ahmed
  • Rebecca Brooks
  • Emily Biro
  • Olivia Grant

Year 8 and 9 were Cosmetic Scientists for one lesson. They learnt about the skills involved as a Cosmetic Scientist and how lip balm and bath bombs are made. They used ingredients, which ranged from coconut oil to fragrances/food colouring for their lip balm. They also learnt the science behind a bath bomb and how to create/test them out! This lesson was planned and delivered in one lesson by the Year 12 and 13 Enrichment group:

  • Tahmina Begum Islam
  • Genesis Cevallos-Avines
  • Wend-data Segda
  • Fatima Awad
  • Rutvi Patel
  • Cyan Thomas
  • Zainab Adebayo
  • Tania Domun
  • Kieran Harmsworth
  • Farah Bennady
  • Tia Friday
  • Marina Wilson

They also had a lesson with a lot of fire, which involved burning magnesium, setting their hands on fire (methane bubbles!) and creating a fire snake. This lesson was planned and delivered in one lesson by the following Year 10 CREST Award students:

  • Kawthar Aoumeur
  • Ella Estime
  • Isabelle Henry

STEM Career Fair

Year 10, together with selected Year 7 and 8 groups, attended a STEM Careers’ Fair. We had a range of professionals attending, including nurses, engineers, a biomedical scientist, pharmacologists, music neurologist and of course, an animal welfare service manager, who brought in a lovely dog (which the girls loved)!


Zoolab visited EHS and students enjoyed squealing at the sight of different organisms, including a snake, millipede, tarantula and rat! The majority of students were very brave when handling the creatures too! Feedback forms included many positive comments, such as, ‘It was really interactive, I learnt a lot about wildlife, what they eat and why they have special body features…it was really educational and fun at the same time.”