Shakespeare Schools Festival

Shakespeare Schools Festival

On Friday 3rdNovember Eltham Hill Drama students from year 7, 8 and 9 took to the Greenwich Theatre stage once again to present their production of Macbeth for the Shakespeare schools festival. This is the 8thyear we have participated in the festival that invites hundreds of schools across the country to present their 30-minute versions of a Shakespeare play.

Our journey started the year before where we decided our next entry would be Macbeth. We started to think about Lady Macbeth and her role in the horrific events and asked the question ‘What if Lady Macbeth was a witch herself who played Macbeth from the start’ This then formed the basis of our idea to have the whole ensemble playing the role of witches.

Rehearsals began in May when we recruited our ensemble cast. This year we were also thrilled to have students who supported in directing, lights and sound design.

On the day we really started to feel the pressure especially when our dress rehearsal in the theatre did not go as well as we had hoped. We spent all day practicing including a full run in Greenwich park.

We were the second school to perform and tension was high but from the minute our music started we were in the role. All of the hard work paid off and our play received a great reaction from the audience. Our tech girls did an amazing job of running our sound and lights, we were the only school that had technical students for both.

“There is no rest for the wicked and we are already thinking about next year’s production. We are currently exploring Julius Caesar as an option. If you are interested in being part of our production as an actor, designer, script editor, costume designer, marketing or director please keep an eye out. Workshops will start after Easter with rehearsal starting properly in May.” Mrs Whittington

“The best thing about being involved in the Shakespeare Schools festival is getting to perform on a real stage and you get a idea of what its like in a real theatre company.” Eva Frost-Sharratt

“What I really enjoyed about the Shakespeare’s school festival was the buzz of the show on the actual night. It was a really nice environment and the show was really fun as we were on a proper stage and it felt quite exciting.”  Rosie Ella Palmer-Barnes