Year 9 Students Receive Mention From World Wildlife Fund

Year 9 Students Receive Mention From World Wildlife Fund

Year 9 students have been studying a unit of work on animal welfare and as part of this project they have been producing an advertising campaign related to an animal, which is endangered. They could write a speech, create an advert or film or write an article or factsheet about their chosen animal.

Some of our students’ work has been so professional and outstanding that we decided to send it off to the World Wildlife fund to get some feedback. This was very exciting!

Here is some of the feedback we received from Ella at the WWF:

“Thanks so much for all your amazing support of our work! I’m hoping you could possibly pass on some praise from us for these fantastic pieces that you’ve shared with us?

These posters and fact sheets are absolutely brilliant – I could not believe that the elephant picture was hand-drawn, it looks amazing! Scarlett, you have an absolute talent for art, I’m blown away by that, as well as the super in-depth facts that you’ve found as well! And Borbabala, you’ve done an incredible job in getting some really engaging poster adverts for our adoptions, I particularly love the use of colour on the elephant trunks to highlight the threats that they’re facing.

Overall, you both should be super proud of yourselves, and I hope that you are! We absolutely couldn’t do the work that we’re able to do without people like you guys getting involved, raising awareness, and helping us protect these amazing species, so thank you so much!”

We have also sent off a promo video made by Ruby, which is fantastic!

Here are the comments for Ruby’s video:

“Wow! So impactful, I loved the wide variety of species shown as well as the wonderful quote – really highlights how important it is to protect these fantastic species! Please tell Ruby that she did an incredible job on her promo, I thought it was so professionally done!”

Thank you so much to all of the students who have shared their work. Here are some examples of what we sent.

Please see link to Ruby’s promotional video below.