Post 18 Choices Information

Post 18 Choices Information

If you are about to choose your options at 18 there are plenty of things to choose from.

The choices you make will be affected by many things like your financial situation, interests, your attitude to study, your qualifications, the job market, etc.

Another big factor is the job or career you have in mind and now is a good time to really get into the detail about which job sectors you are interested in, what sort of opportunities they offer and what qualifications they are looking for.


If you have Level 3 qualifications like A Levels or vocational qualifications like a BTEC Level 3 etc. you could explore higher level study at university.

There are thousands of different courses for you to choose from but it is really important that you research the courses fully and make sure that the modules suit your requirements.  University courses vary in length which will have an implication on the fees you will pay. You will also want to consider if you want to stay at home and study or live away and whether you want a campus university or live off site. Here at Eltham Hill we aim to ensure you have experienced a visit to a university to provide you with an insight into university life.

Russell Group Universities Information

Guide to Oxbridge applications

Foundation Course

A foundation course generally prepares you for degree level study. You will typically apply for a foundation course if you want to pursue an art degree but there are many other foundation courses available. A foundation course is one year of study at an art college or university. If you take this foundation course directly after year 13 it is generally a free year of education but you will need to check this with each individual establishment.

Advanced, Higher or Degree Level Apprenticeships

If the thought of three or more years at university does not appeal to you, why not consider an apprenticeship?  You can gain an apprenticeship in practically every career area which can lead to very successful careers. Most major companies offer excellent apprenticeship programmes. If you are interested in an apprenticeship, most of the applications close in the Spring time of Year 13 so please ensure you know the application deadlines. Degree apprenticeships allow you to work whist the host company pay for your degree. However, please note that the host company will select which degree and which university you study at – this will not be your choice.  You are also likely to be contracted to that company for five years at least as your university study will take longer than a conventional degree programme.


Once you leave school, you can go straight onto employment. Many firms offer school leaver programmes but they are now often described as apprenticeships. If you developing your own business you can apply for help and guidance from The Princes Trust until you are 26.

 Gap Year

If you are not sure what you want to do, you could consider a gap year where you undertake voluntary work, travel or try different employment sectors to see what suits you best.  Many students will secure a university place before or during their gap year so they have a progression route established for their return home.  There are loads of websites to give you plenty of advice and guidance when choosing what to do. And if a year sounds too long to be away from your friends and family, you could consider a shorter trip such as a summer at Camp America or a winter ski season …