Work Experience

Eltham Hill School Work Experience Programme 2020

Year 10: 6th – 17th July 2020

Year 12: 22nd June – 3rd July 2020

Deadline to return Own Find Forms to school: Thursday 19th December 2019

Work Experience is an important and exciting element of the Careers Education we provide your child whilst they are with us at Eltham Hill.

All students are offered a two-week placement in Year 10 and Year 12.

In an ideal world, it would be great to provide your child with a WEX placement in their chosen industry area.   However, this is not always possible – your child will be restricted from accessing some placements by their age, data protection and confidentially issues. Therefore, we would like you to view this opportunity as a way of experiencing the world of work and the workplace, to learn important work-based skills and to gain confidence in working with new people. This will be two weeks that your child will remember forever. Any exposure to the work place is extremely valuable and students who remain at Eltham Hill School for their Sixth Form education will gain another opportunity to undertake more targeted work experience in Year 12.

We take your child’s safety at their placement extremely seriously and every WEX placement will receive a Health and Safety check conducted on it by a member of Greenwich Borough or a partner borough. A member of Eltham Hill staff will endeavour to visit your child at their work place during their placement.