IB SL Subject: Mathematics Studies

IB SL Subject: Mathematics Studies

Why should I choose Mathematics Studies?

Just as languages provide the building blocks and rules we need to communicate, maths uses its own language, made up of numbers, symbols and formulas, to explore the rules we need to measure or identify essential problems like distance, speed, area, change, force and quantities. Studying maths helps us find patterns and structure in our lives. Practically, Maths helps us put a price on things, create graphics, build websites, build skyscrapers and generally understand how things work.

What skills will I get if I study Mathematics Studies?

Maths is one of the best subjects to develop your analytical, research and problem solving skills. Not only will studying maths help give you the knowledge to tackle scientific, mechanical, coding and abstract problems, it will also help you develop logic to tackle everyday issues like planning projects, managing budgets and even debating effectively.

What topics will I be studying?

Number and Algebra
Descriptive statistics
Geometry and Trigonometry
Mathematical models
Statistical applications
Differential Calculus
Sets and Probability