Modern Foreign Languages – Spanish

Year 7 & 8

OverviewKey Stage 3 Overview
Spanish is the world's second-most spoken native language and is increasingly important on the global economic stage, widely used in the US as well as South America and Spain itself. Culturally, Spanish-speaking nations are increasingly influential, and speaking and understanding Spanish adds to the ability of young people to act as citizens of the world, as well as being personally fulfilling and adding to a student’s employability.
Studying Spanish is not just valuable for those wanting to study modern languages at university but it can also really benefit students wanting to study history, politics, law and English literature. Increasingly employers look for candidates who are competent in second languages and speaking a second language can you the edge in the jobs market. Learning another language also helps foster skills that employers value, teaching young people to communicate in a confident and articulate way.
At Eltham Hill we ensure that students have a thorough understanding of Spanish grammar and vocabulary but we also aim to instil a love of the language by making learning enjoyable and stimulating. We use games, audio-visual and ICT resources to make learning fun and to allow pupils to explore and appreciate Spanish cultures. We run a regular exchange programme with Spanish schools which allows students to experience Spanish life first hand as well as improving their spoken Spanish.
We follow the Pearson curriculum (Viva 1 for Year 7; Viva 2 for Year 8), using a combination of the “verde” (Foundation) and “rojo” (Higher) versions, depending on the ability of the class. We teach Spanish as mixed-ability classes.

We cover six modules, exploring themes, vocabulary and grammar that will be further studied and developed when reaching Key Stage 4. At the end of each Module, students are assessed for one receptive skill (listening or reading) and one productive skill (speaking or writing), as well as grammar, which is not compulsory but a choice that the Department has made to improve accuracy in speaking and writing.