English Language and Literature

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Year 9

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
7 Weeks7 ½ Weeks6 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks7 Weeks
Literature Focus :Combined FocusLanguage Focus :Literature Focus :Language Focus :Literature Focus :
Of Mice and MenVersions of the FutureAnimal Welfare and Spoken Language preparationA View from the BridgeShort story unit – preparation for language paper 1The Merchant of Venice and dramatic monologue poetry preparation
Students will study Steinbeck’s use of language and structure to convey characterization, themes and contextual revelations.Students will explore the different elements of a range of fiction and literary non-fiction texts and explore how they represent visions of the future in relation to themes of class, gender and power.Students will study a range of Non-fiction texts. Introduction of media language. Non-fiction writing, developing skills and understanding of Language Paper 2 Section B. Spoken language practice.Students will prepare for the Modern Texts section of Literature Paper 2. They will study how Miller develops characters and themes, and how the context informs and drives the plot forward.Students will prepare for Language Paper 1 by analysing a range of short stories. They will be introduced to some critical theory on the structure of stories. Students will prepare for Literature Paper 1 by exploring characters and theme in Shakespeare. Develop awareness of changing attitudes of audiences. They will also prepare for the unseen poetry and poetry anthology.

Year 10

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
7 Weeks7 ½ Weeks6 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks7 Weeks (including 3 weeks PPE and WEX)
Literature Focus :Literature Focus :Language Focus :Literature Focus :Combined focus:Spoken Language Focus
Love and Relationships Anthology PoetryA Christmas CarolJustifications of War An Inspector CallsUnseen Poetry Spoken Language Certificate
Overview:Overview:Overview:Overview:PPE 1 PreparationOverview:Overview:
Students will study a range of poetry, written between 1789 and 2016. These will be thematically linked and students will develop analytical skills in comparing different texts. They also will extend their knowledge of key terminology connected to English studies. Unseen poems to be dropped in as appropriate to develop analytical skills and use of terminology.Literature Paper 1. Students will explore how Dickens’ comments on poverty, hunger, greed and compassion during the ‘Hungry ‘40s’ in the Victorian era. Thematic and character study is crucial to his and students will develop analytical skills in approaching extracts as well as develop methods to memorise key quotations. Incorporate non fiction in preparation for Language Paper 2 – Dickens on religion and on inequality.Students will study a broad range of fiction and non-fiction texts, focusing not only on War but also on the justifications of War. This will expose students to the nuances of war, the debates which surround going to war as well as their own perspective/s. Literature Paper 2: Modern Texts. Students will explore how Priestley develops characters, relationships and themes across the play. They will also explore issues around class and inequality at different points in history. At the beginning of this term, students will apply the extensive teaching and learning conducted in Spring 2 in order to analyse ‘Unseen Poems’. Students will then revise A Christmas Carol and develop writing skills, building on the many opportunities throughout the year, as well as in Year 9.Students will develop confidence in public speaking. They will write and deliver their own speech in front of their peers. They will develop ways to respond to questioning.

Year 11

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
7 Weeks7 ½ Weeks6 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks7 Weeks
Literature Focus :Combined FocusCourse CompletionYear 11 ‘Countdown To Exams’ programme – formulated by JPE/CLS (Evaluate 2016/17s approach
Romeo and Juliet (6 weeks) – Followed by SL Certificate ‘completion’ in final week.Initial weeks to prepare Y11 students for PIXL EngLang Wave exams at the end of November.Finishing Poems and Incomplete Texts.
Overview:Poetry Anthologies (with integrated skills for comparing non-fiction texts; using authors’ biographies, perhaps). Overview:Overview:
Literature Paper 1. Students will complete a whole-play study of this Shakespeare text, with plenty of practice in evaluating characters/themes in unseen extracts throughout the play. Students will need to memorise key quotations for analysis throughout, linked to characters, themes and context .Literature Paper 2: Poetry. Students will use the time to complete the remaining anthology poems from Year 10, with comparative skills and ‘unseen’ skills developed throughout. To develop students’ contextual insights, wider reading texts will be used (to also supplement English Language paper skills).Texts for Literature completed/ revised.