Post 16

Eltham Hill Post 16

Our aim is for Eltham Hill Post 16 is to be the centre of educational excellence for our community. We seek to be the co-educational centre of choice for Eltham Hill girls’ and for those in the surrounding community. We celebrate diversity and seek to nurture the gifts of each individual through high quality teaching and learning and dedicated pastoral care. We aim to successfully prepare every student for their future career pathway and to grow as international citizens. Every student is an exception, an individual and is valued. Our Post 16 centre offers every student an authentic learning experience and opportunities to grow as unique individuals. We pride ourselves on knowing each and every one of our students and we show a real passion for all our subjects. Our vision is to pursue happiness excellence and success for all.

Apply for Post 16

To Apply online please follow the link. The official closing date for Post 16 Applications is 28th December 2018. Applications can still be made after this, but priority will be given to those that applied before the closing date.

Eltham Hill School is the only school in the Royal Borough of Greenwich to be authorised to offer the IBCP.

Teaching and learning

Eltham Hill Post 16 teachers have excellent subject knowledge and passion for their subject woven into the fabric of their lives, both inside and outside the school, which they model and share with students.

Eltham Hill Teachers use an explicit pedagogy bad on a cycle of (PIP):

  • Pre class prescribed research, preparation and reading using state of the art technology
  • In-class teaching and learning which combines and applies students’ and teachers’ knowledge, understanding, skills and language
  • Post-class consolidation activities and tasks to allow the learning gained in class to be practised, demonstrated, tracked and assessed.

Our Teachers create distinctive, active and challenging learning environments in which classes are conducted in styles that replicate their subject at university in the world of work.

Pastoral support

Each Post 16 student is allocated to a tutor group and a tailored tutorial programme which links to their chosen specialism. This includes support with UCAS preparation.

Students also have regular one-to-one sessions to support their academic success. Students have access to support managers and independent study times in specialised rooms.


For more information about attending Eltham Hill Post 16 evening, email: or call 020 8859 2843.