Our aim is to deliver excellent lessons in all areas of the school so that students consistently receive an education that best supports their learning and preparation for the future, ensuring Excellence, Happiness and Success. To meet our aim we have developed the following five principles:

  1. We want our students to be Expert Learners and take responsibility for their own learning and success. Through their educational experiences, they will develop a range of skills needed for school and lifelong learning.
  1. In conjunction with this, ‘The Expert Teachersets out our expectations of teachers in lessons. By being Expert Teachers, our teachers provide students with challenges, appropriate feedback and engaging opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding. Together this will help students to become Expert Learners.
  1. The school Lesson Plan provides a framework for planning excellent lessons. Central to this is developing students’ independence by providing Choice, Challenge and Collaboration in every lesson.
  1. The Lesson Cycle illustrates the structure of a lesson at Eltham Hill. By using this structure, teachers will maximise the opportunity for learning and progress.
  1. The purpose of the Non-Negotiables is to set out the basic expectations for Teaching and Learning at the school.

Working with families

At Eltham Hill School, we take time to build genuine partnerships with parents and carers as we believe this vital to every student’s success. For us, positive communication and mutual trust are crucial and we actively encourage parents and carers to become involved in their daughter’s education.

Clear and frequent channels of communication mean our families are well informed and able to make a positive contribution. We ensure this happens from the start so transition for our students is smooth and purposeful.